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Wolfgang Puck Coffee Pods - Toscana DECAFFEINATED (Light Roast) - 18ct

Are you looking for a decaffeinated coffee that is light and smooth with an easy to drink mild flavor? If so, look no further than Wolfgang Puck Toscana Decaffeinated coffee pods. These pods contain perfectly measured amounts of delicious Toscana coffee without the caffeine.

Toscana Decaf Coffee PodsWolfgang Puck is renowned for his culinary skills, and now for his coffee. Not only is this coffee delicious, it is easy to prepare. With any compatible coffee machine you can have a hot, fresh cup of coffee brewed to perfection with no muss or fuss.

Coffee pods eliminate spilled coffee grinds and time-consuming coffee pot cleanup. Just throw away the used pod and sit down to enjoy your coffee.

You'll feel like you have a coffee shop at home thanks to the single serve coffee machine. To make the most of it, order Wolfgang Puck's Toscana Decaf coffee pods today and get ready to enjoy delectable decaffeinated coffee at the touch of a button!


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