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Wolfgang Puck - Sorrento Blend Coffee Pods (Medium Dark Roast) - 18ct

This medium dark roast coffee from Wolfgang Puck is grown at a co-op in the Tolima highlands of Colombia.

Sorrento Blend Coffee PodsThe rich aroma and slightly sweet flavor of this choice is sure to please anyone who loves a smooth coffee with plenty of character. Like all Wolfgang Puck coffee pods Sorrento Blend uses the finest quality coffee.

To enjoy this fine coffee blend just insert a pod into your machine and press the appropriate button. Your cup of coffee will be fresh and ready to enjoy in minutes.Your family and friends can also enjoy your single serve coffee machine because if they like a different variety of coffee than you do it is simply a matter of inserting a different pod. Cleanup is a breeze, just toss the used pod in the trash.

Order Wolfgang Puck's Sorrento Blend coffee pods today and discover the rich taste and pleasing aroma for yourself!


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