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Wolfgang Puck - Rodeo Drive Coffee Pods (Medium Roast) - 18ct

This American style coffee is smooth and rich, just like its namesake.

Rodeo Drive Coffee PodsPerfect any time of the day, Wolfgang Puck's Rodeo Drive pods are for the java enthusiast who enjoys a medium-bodied coffee that is easy to drink. Enjoy it black or add your favorite coffee condiments for an indulgent cup at your leisure.

Making a cup of this delectable coffee is easy thanks to the single serve coffee machine. These pods are compatible with machines like the CafeXpress line of brewers and several others. With this type of coffee maker you simply insert the pod into the pod holder, add water, press the button and voila -- coffee made just for you.

There is no messy cleanup, no loose coffee grinds to deal with, just fresh coffeehouse style coffee at home. When your coffee is done just discard the used pod in the nearest receptacle.

Indulge in true coffee luxury -- order your Rodeo Drive coffee pods today!


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