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Wolfgang Puck Reserve Coffee Pods - 18ct

Put your coffee pod machine to good use with Wolfgang Puck's Reserve coffee pod choice, the chef's own secret recipe!

Reserve Coffee PodsThis medium-dark roast is full and smooth, with rich chocolate flavor. This coffee is delicious any time of the day, from that first cup in the morning to your after dinner treat.

Using these coffee pods is hassle-free. Just toss a pod into your coffee machine and with the touch of a button you'll have perfectly brewed coffee. There's no mess to clean up because these pods are simply discarded in the trash. Because the coffee is pre-ground and enclosed in a pod there is no risk of spillage. You get a serving of incredible coffee in minutes, whenever you want it. If you want to make more than one cup at a time there are dual pod brewers available.

If you want coffee that has a medium-bodied flavor and a hint of chocolate sweetness, order your Reserve coffee pods today!


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