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Wolfgang Puck Coffee Hawaiian Hazelnut Pods 18ct

With Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee pod choice you get a real taste of the islands.

Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee PodsThis smooth, medium-bodied coffee is blended with toasty hazelnut for an incredible flavor. You can enjoy this coffee any time of the day, from your first cup in the morning to your after dinner indulgence.

These coffee pods make life easier for coffee drinkers because there are no messy loose grinds to deal with and no measuring. Also you don't have to wait in long coffee shop lines or pay extravagant prices for a single cup of this gourmet choice. Use in your single serve coffee machine and it will give you a perfectly brewed cup in no time.

Order your Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee pods by Wolfgang Puck today and experience the flavor of Hawaii without ever leaving home!


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