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Wolfgang Puck - French Vanilla Coffee Pod Choice - 18ct

This smooth coffee is blended with sweet French vanilla for a delicate flavor that's perfect with dessert or as a treat any time of the day.

French Vanilla Coffee PodsLike all the coffee pods from master chef Wolfgang Puck, French Vanilla is a true indulgence. Only the finest coffee is chosen for these pods and French Vanilla is no exception. You get coffeehouse flavor and quality in the comfort of your own home thanks to these coffee pods.

Preparing a fresh cup of this coffee with your coffee pod machine is fast and easy. You don't have to guess when it comes to measuring coffee or water because the measuring is done for you. Just pop in the coffee pod, press the brew button and in no time you'll have delicious coffee ready to enjoy.

What are you waiting for -- order your French Vanilla pods today!


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