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Wolfgang Puck Coffee Pods - Caramel Creme - 18ct

Imagine rich caramel swirled with fine coffee and you've got Wolfgang Puck Caramel Creme coffee pods!

Caramel Creme Coffee PodsWolfgang Puck is a world-renowned chef who knows good taste, and this coffee is no exception. It is smooth and easy to drink, gently touched with caramel that is sweet yet not overpowering. It's perfect for that midday pick-me-up or as a treat after dinner.

Thanks to the single serve coffee maker you can have a cup of Caramel Creme in mere minutes. Just insert the pod into the coffee pod holder and with the touch of a button your coffee will brew to perfection. You'll never have to clean up spilled coffee grinds or wash out a coffee pot again, just toss the pod in the trash.

Anyone who enjoys the flavor of caramel and coffee will love Wolfgang Puck Caramel Creme coffee pods. Order today, and soon you'll have coffeehouse style coffee available to you at home!


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