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Timothy`s Coffee Pods - Rainforest Espresso (Dark) - 25ct

Rainforest Espresso coffee pods from Timothy's offer full-bodied flavor that satisfies your craving for dark, rich coffee.

Timothy's Rainforest EspressoYou can feel good about buying this choice because this coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified. The Rainforest Alliance protects the plants, animals and people of the rainforests. As with all Timothy's coffee Rainforest Espresso is derived from the top five percent of the harvest and is specialty grade.

Experiencing the incredible aroma and rich taste of these coffee pods is so easy. All you need is a compatible single serve coffee maker. Not every coffee machine can use Timothy's coffee pods but many of them can, such as the popular Philips Senseo. These machines make short work of preparing coffee. Insert a coffee pod, press a button and in minutes you've got a fresh cup of your favorite coffee.

If you love delicious coffeehouse style espresso but want to enjoy it at home, order your coffee pods by Timothy's today. Remember with every purchase of Rainforest Espresso pods you are supporting the people, animals and plants of the rainforest.


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