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Timothy`s Coffee Pods - Parisian Nights (Dark Roast) - 25ct

Parisian Nights coffee pods from Timothy's bring the hearty, rich flavor and aroma of Paris to your home.

Timothy's Parisian Nights Coffee PodsIf you enjoy a thick, full coffee then you will love this dark roast of pure Arabica beans. All of Timothy's coffee is selected from the top 1 to 5 percent of beans harvested from countries renowned for their fine coffee and Parisian Nights is no exception.

Making a cup of Timothy's coffee is so easy and fast. Just pop in a coffee pod, turn on your single serve coffee machine and soon you'll be enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Cleaning up after your coffee indulgence is no sweat, just throw the pod away. There are no coffee grinds to spill and no big coffee pot carafe to wash.

If you want specialty grade coffee made one fresh cup at a time, order your Timothy's Parisian Nights coffee pods today. In addition to this dark variety there are many other coffee pod flavors to suit any palate.


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