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Timothy`s Coffee Pods - French Vanilla - 25ct

Timothy's French Vanilla coffee is perfect with any dessert, or even as dessert.

Timothy's French Vanilla Coffee PodsYou get the smooth, pleasing aroma of medium-bodied Arabica coffee with the creamy sweetness of French Vanilla. All of Timothy's coffee is specialty grade, the highest grade available. It is selected from the top 5 percent of the harvest and roasted to perfection by Timothy's coffee roasting experts.

Using coffee pods is so convenient. There's no measuring, so there's no guesswork when it comes to getting the perfect cup of coffee. And because there are no loose coffee grinds, there's no mess. Just put a Timothy's coffee pod into your single serve coffee maker and touch the button. A fresh cup of perfect coffee will be ready for you to enjoy in mere minutes. Cleaning up couldn't be easier, just throw the pod in the trash.

To experience the sweet, indulgent flavor of Timothy's French Vanilla coffee pods and the convenience of the coffee pod system place your order now!


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