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DECAFFEINATED Colombian Coffee Pods (Medium) From Timothy's - 25ct

You can experience the smooth, medium-bodied flavor and aroma of Colombian coffee without the caffeine thanks to Timothy's Decaffeinated Colombian coffee pods.

Timothy's Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee PodsThe coffee in these pods is 100 percent fine Arabica beans, chosen from the top 5 percent of the harvest. All of Timothy's coffee is specialty grade, the highest grade available, and roasted to perfection at their massive Toronto roasting facility.

When you're ready to enjoy a cup of decaf or any other flavor of Timothy's coffee pod, all you need to do is pop in a coffee pod and with the push of a button you'll have a fresh cup of coffee house quality coffee at home. Cleaning up is a breeze because there is no coffee pot to wash out and no messy grinds to dump -- just toss the pod in the garbage.

Order this Colombian Decaffeinated coffee pod choice today! You may also want to peruse the rest of Timothy's coffee pods which range from mild to full-bodied Arabica coffees harvested from around the world.


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