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Timothy`s Coffee Pods - Colombian Dorado - 25ct (Medium)

If you love the medium-bodied flavor of Arabica bean coffee harvested from the fruitful Colombian fields and valleys you must try Timothy's Colombian Dorado.

Colombian Dorado Coffee PodsLike all Timothy's coffee pods, Colombian Dorado coffee pods are made with coffee from the top five percent of the harvest. All beans used for Timothy's coffee are specialty grade, and this variety is no exception. Colombian Dorado is great for any occasion, from breakfast to after dinner.

It's easy to enjoy this smooth coffee anytime with a single serve coffee machine. Just insert a Timothy's coffee pod into any compatible coffee maker and in no time you'll have a fresh cup of coffee made just for you. Cleaning up is easy because there are no wet coffee grinds that can be spilled -- just toss the pod in the nearest trash receptacle and you're all set.

Enjoying the delicious flavor of Timothy's Colombian Dorado is a luxury you can enjoy every day. Order today and soon you'll get to have fine quality coffee in the comfort of your own home, any time you want it.


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