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Starbucks® Caffè Verona® Coffee Pods - 12 Tassimo T Discs

Caffe Verona by Starbucks is a blend of coffees from Asia and Latin America. Added to the blend is dark roast coffee for complexity and a hint of sweet flavor.

starbucks Caffe Verona T-DiscsIf you enjoy the taste of Starbucks coffee and wish you could have it at home, you'll be glad to know you can. With your Tassimo home brewing machine and these coffee pods you can have a delicious cup of Caffe Verona in about sixty seconds with no muss or fuss.

Unlike other coffee pods, these T-discs are compatible only with the Tassimo home brewer. They fit in the pod holder area and the bar code on the disc is read by the machine. This encoded information tells the coffee maker how much water to use and the temperature required. The result is a perfect cup of premium Starbucks coffee and no mess to clean up.

When you order the Starbucks Caffe Verona Tassimo T-discs, consider some of the other premium coffee pods available for the Tassimo single serve coffee machine.


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