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Gevalia - Signature Crema Coffee - 16 Tassimo T Discs

The Signature Blend by Gevalia is one of their most popular coffees. Now you can have the rich flavor of this coffee enhanced with a fine layer of crema.

Gevalia Signature Crema Coffee PodsSignature Blend is a blend of coffee harvested from East Africa, South America and Central America. It is a dark yet smooth coffee with a low bitterness level perfect for any time of day. The difference in this variety from the original Signature blend is the luxurious layer of foam.

Preparing a cup of Signature Crema coffee is so easy thanks to these T-discs and the Tassimo home brewing machine. Like all coffee pods these discs fit easily into the pod holder. There is a bar code on the pod that is read by the Tassimo machine which tells it how to prepare the coffee. In about one minute you'll have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee worthy of the finest coffeehouse. To clean up, just throw away the used pod and you're all set!

Bring the incredible flavor of Gevalia Signature Crema coffee and the convenience of Tassimo T-discs into your home -- order today!


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