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Gevalia - Signature Blend Coffee Pods - 16 Tassimo T Discs

If you like your coffee full-bodied and dark without a lot of bitterness then you're sure to enjoy Gevalia Signature Blend Coffee.

Tassimo Gevalia Signature Blend T-DiscsGevalia has enclosed this expertly blended coffee from Central and South America and Africa in perfectly measured pods for a true coffeehouse experience at home. Signature Blend was devised by the Master Taster at Gevalia in honor of the company's 150th anniversary.

Using these pods, or T-discs as they are called, is incredibly easy. Just insert the disc into the pod holder and push the button. Your beverage will be brewed to perfection as the coffee machine actually reads a bar code on the pod package which is translated into brewing instructions. Cleaning up is just as simple, just throw out the used pod and you're done. These coffee pods are only compatible with Tassimo brewers.

Don't delay -- order Gevalia's Signature Blend T-discs today for a luxurious coffee experience!


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