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Gevalia - Signature Blend DECAFFEINATED Coffee Pods - 16 Tassimo T Discs

For the taste of Gevalia's Signature Blend coffee without the caffeine there are Signature Blend Decaffeinated pods.

Tassimo Gevalia Signature Blend DecaffeinatedThese pods, or T-discs, are made for the Tassimo single serve coffee machine. They give you the same full flavor as original Signature Blend minus the caffeine. This coffee has been expertly created by the Gevalia Master Taster in celebration of the company's 150th anniversary and is a blend of beans from South America, Central America and East Africa.

Using the T-discs couldn't be easier. Just insert the coffee pod into the holder and push the brewing button. In about a minute you'll have an expertly brewed cup of coffee that is the perfect temperature with no messy cleanup. The Tassimo brewing machine knows exactly how to make your beverage by reading the bar code on the pod package. When your coffee is done all that's left to do besides tossing out the used pod is enjoy.

Order your Tassimo Gevalia Signature Blend Decaffeinated coffee pods today and enjoy the rich flavor of this coffee minus the caffeine.


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