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Gevalia Morning Roast Coffee Pods - 14 Tassimo T Discs

Start your day off right with Gevalia's Morning Roast, a rich dark coffee in a 12 oz serving size.

Tassimo - Gevalia Morning Roast T-discsThese coffee pods are designed to fill oversized mugs and travel coffee cups. They're perfect for anyone who likes an extra serving of coffee in the morning but doesn't want the hassle of brewing it with a regular coffee machine. With the Tassimo brewer and these T-discs you can have a delicious cup of hot coffee in no time.

In addition to being fast, the Tassimo brewer is highly sophisticated. Each coffee pod has a bar code that is read by the machine. This bar code tells the machine how much water is needed and what brewing temperature to use. Although it sounds complex operation is so simple. Just pop in a coffee pod and press the appropriate button. Cleaning up is just as easy, just wash out your cup and toss the used coffee pod.

Make your mornings easier and more pleasant -- order your Morning Roast coffee pods today!


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