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Gevalia Espresso - 16 Tassimo T Discs

Looking for a dark roast that is bitter and aromatic? If so then you will love the Gevalia Espresso Tassimo T-discs.

Tassimo - Gevalia Espresso T-DiscsYou'll feel as if you are sitting in a cafe in Italy when you enjoy a cup of this fine coffee. It's perfect for relaxing after a gourmet meal or even with dessert. This dark, rich coffee is a fabulous treat any time of the day.

Using these Tassimo T-discs in your machine is so easy. Just pop in the Gevalia Espresso pod into the holder and the machine will do the rest. With the touch of a button your coffee will brew perfectly thanks to the sophisticated Tassimo coffee machine.

These discs are only compatible with the Tassimo brewer, unlike other coffee pods which are often interchangeable. Cleaning up after making your espresso is a breeze, as there are no messy coffee grinds to clean up.

See for yourself -- order Espresso T-discs for your Tassimo machine now and prepare for an incredible coffee experience!


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