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Gevalia Cappuccino - 8 Espresso with 8 Special Milk Tassimo T Discs

You don't have to go to the nearest coffee shop for a truly decadent cappuccino. With Gevalia's Cappuccino T-discs for your Tassimo coffee machines it is as close as your kitchen.

Tassimo - Gevalia Cappuccino T-Discs / Coffee PodsThese coffee pods contain rich espresso that imparts a delicious coffee flavor and aroma. You also get an equal number of milk discs to create a perfect layer of frothy foam characteristic of fine cappuccino.

Using these coffee pod discs is a breeze. Just put in one espresso disc and one milk disc, then push the brewing button. The Tassimo machine automatically calculates how much water and what temperature to use based on the type of pod you've inserted. Unlike interchangeable coffee pods these are used only with the Tassimo single serve coffee maker. Not only will you have delicious cappuccino in a minute or so you won't have to deal with messy cleanup.

When you place your order for these Cappuccino coffee pods, consider some of the other fine varieties from this leading company.


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