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Senseo Coffee Pods - Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz - 16ct

With the Senseo Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz coffee pods you will feel transported to a quaint European cafe without ever leaving home.

Senseo Vienna Hazelnut Waltz Coffee PodsNot only do you get the fine roasted coffee by premium roasters Douwe Egberts, you get the gentle flavors of hazelnut and chocolate for a gourmet coffee experience that is out of this world.

With the Senseo coffee maker, you can have your favorite variety of coffee made especially for you with just the push of a button. You'll never waste time cleaning up messy spilled coffee grinds because the coffee is enclosed in these revolutionary pods. There's no hassle and no fuss -- just discard the pod and you're done.

When you order Senseo coffee pods, you get the convenience and quality of fine gourmet coffee that is so easy to prepare. So don't delay -- order your Hazelnut Waltz coffee pods today!


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