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Senseo Coffee Pods - Medium Roast - 18ct

If you enjoy coffee with smooth, rich flavor that is neither too subtle or too strong, you will love Senseo Medium Roast coffee pods.

Senseo Medium Roast Coffee PodsRoasted by European coffee experts Douwe Egberts, this coffee is ideal for any time of the day. Whether you're having an eye-opening cup first thing in the morning or an afternoon indulgence this medium roast coffee is sure to delight.

There is no mess involved with making a cup of coffee with your Senseo coffee maker. It is as easy as placing a coffee pod in the holder and turning the machine on with the push of a button. Cleaning up is just as easy -- when your coffee is done just throw the used pod in the garbage and you're all set to enjoy your fresh cup of steaming java.

Order these Senseo coffee pods now and you'll soon be indulging in fine Medium Roast coffee whenever you want.


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