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Senseo Decaffeinated Roast Coffee Pods - 18ct

The Senseo Decaffeinated Roast coffee pods give you the same delightful flavor as medium roast without the caffeine.

Senseo Decaf Blend Coffee PodsYou can enjoy the same incredible taste and aroma you love, only in an expertly decaffeinated variety. This coffee is roasted by Douwe Egberts, a company which originated from the Netherlands and has been doing business for 250 years.

Using these decaffeinated coffee pods is so easy thanks to Senseo coffee makers. You just pop in a pod and in minutes you'll be sipping a hot, fresh cup of gourmet coffee. When you're ready to clean up just discard the used pod and you're done. There are no messy coffee grinds to worry with and no filters to buy.

Experience the Senseo convenience of these Decaf Roast coffee pods -- order today! These pods make a great gift for anyone with a Philips Senseo coffee maker and of course a perfect gift for yourself.


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