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Senseo Origins - Colombia Blend Coffee Pods - 16ct

This aromatic gourmet coffee harvested from the fruitful sun-drenched Colombian ravines and valleys features a strong taste for anyone who likes their coffee full-bodied yet smooth.

Senseo Colombia Blend Coffee PodsColombia is famous for their coffee and these beans, roasted by experts Douwe Egberts, is no exception. Douwe Egberts has 250 years of experience in the industry so the coffee they roast is done so to perfection.

Using these coffee pods is so easy thanks to the Senseo coffee machine. Philips Senseo coffee makers create the perfect cup of gourmet coffee with the press of a button. Cleaning up after making coffee is easier than ever -- just discard the used pod and you're done. It's like having a gourmet coffee shop in your home kitchen with no muss and no fuss.

Order your Colombia Blend coffee pods by Senseo today and discover why so many coffee enthusiasts love this product.


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