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SENSEO Origins Coffee Pods - Brazil Blend - 16ct

Brazil Blend coffee pods from Senseo are made with the finest beans harvested from the Brazilian coffee mecca of Sul de Minas and roasted by European coffee experts Douwe Egberts.

Brazil Blend Coffee PodsThe quality of the beans in this blend and the expertise of the roasters is evident by the subtle flavor and smooth aroma.

It couldn't be easier to enjoy this Brazilian delight thanks to the Senseo coffee machine. Just pop in your coffee pod and with the press of a button you'll have incredible Brazil Blend coffee in no time.

Cleaning up is a breeze too with no messy coffee grinds, just toss your pod in the trash when your coffee is ready. Enjoying the finest gourmet coffee from Brazil is so simple and fast thanks to these innovative coffee pods.

So don't delay -- order Brazil Blend coffee pods and prepare for a tantalizing Senseo coffee experience.


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