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Melitta One:One - Vanilla Haze Universal JavaPod Coffee Pods - 18ct

Experience the decadence of sweet vanilla blended with medium bodied Arabica coffee, kissed with a hint of hazelnut.

Melitta Vanilla Haze JavapodsThose who enjoy sweet flavored coffees will love Vanilla Haze Java Pods by Melitta. These pods are filled with premium coffee and universal which means they'll work with any single serve coffee machine.

Each Melitta coffee pod is wrapped in foil packaging for ultimate freshness. Using these pods is as simple as inserting one into the pod holder of your coffee machine and pressing a button. Your coffee is perfectly brewed cup by cup, with no measuring and no mess. Coffee pods allow you to change around your coffee flavor on a whim, with no hassle and no wet grinds to be dumped. Just throw away the used pod, that's all there is to cleaning up after brewing your coffee.

Order Melitta One Vanilla Haze Universal coffee pods for your coffee machine today and soon you'll be enjoying sweet, rich coffee just like the coffee shops serve.


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