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Melitta One:One Skip The Buzz DECAFFEINATED Universal Coffee Pods

With Skip the Buzz coffee pods by Melitta you get delicious Colombian coffee without caffeine.

Melitta Skip The Buzz Coffee PodsSkip The Buzz allows you to enjoy the smooth flavor and pleasing aroma of fine Arabica coffee while avoiding the jolt you don't want. Since 1908 the Melitta company has worked to provide premium quality coffee and coffee accessories, and these pods are no exception.

Melitta coffee pods are universal, which means they should fit most every coffee pod machine. If you or a friend own a single serve coffee machine a box of these coffee pods makes a great gift. It's so easy to make delicious decaffeinated coffee, just insert a pod into the holder, add the pre-measured amount of water and press the button. In no time you'll have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee that's ready to enjoy with no messy cleanup.

Order Melitta's Decaffeinated Skip the Buzz coffee pod choice today so you can enjoy all the satisfying flavor of great decaf coffee.


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