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Melitta One:One - Parisian Cafe Universal JavaPods - 18 Count

Are you craving a rich, dark coffee reminiscent of a cafe in Paris? If so then you cannot miss Melitta's Parisian Cafe Universal Java pods.

Melitta Parisian Cafe Java PodsThese pods are filled with delicious Arabica coffee that is dark roasted and brimming with depth and flavor. Like all Melitta java pods, Parisian Cafe pods are filled with 30 percent more coffee than the competing pod brands and are individually wrapped for maximum freshness.

Using your single serve coffee machine you can have a cup of Parisian Cafe in minutes. Just insert the pod into the coffee pod holder, make sure the water has been added and press the button. You will have fresh, delicious coffee at your fingertips whenever you want it. Melitta coffee pods are universal, which means they should fit any coffee pod machine you have. When it's time to clean up, just toss the used coffee pod in the nearest trash receptacle.

When you place your order for Parisian Universal coffee pods from Melitta, take a look at some of the other delicious varieties available from this renowned company.


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