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Melitta One:One - Kona Universal Coffee Pods - 18ct

Kona is the name given to premium Arabica coffee harvested from the Kona region of Hawaii's Big Island.

Melitta Kona Coffee PodsOne reason Melitta's Kona coffee is so special is because of the growing conditions of the beans. Favorable climate helps make this coffee the best it can be. Only coffee harvested from the Kona districts of Hawaii can legally be referred to as Kona. These Kona coffee pods give you the same great flavor at home as you'd get if you traveled to the islands for a cup of coffee.

Preparation of Melitta coffee pods is fast and easy. Just insert a coffee pod into the holder of your single serve coffee machine, add the specified amount of water and press the button. You'll soon have a fresh cup of coffeehouse style coffee without any mess to clean up. Just throw away the used coffee pod and wash your cup, and you're all set.

For a taste of the tropics in your kitchen order your Melitta Kona Universal coffee pods now!


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