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Melitta One:One - DECAFFEINATED Hazelnut Universal Coffee Pods - 18ct

Rich Arabica coffee meets toasty hazelnut in this delicious decaffeinated coffee blend from Melitta!

Melitta Decaf Hazelnut Coffee PodsIf you love flavored coffee but don't need the caffeine, these pods are for you. Like every Melitta Java Pod variety each Decaffeinated Hazelnut pod is individually wrapped for freshness that lasts. And, these pods are stuffed to capacity with premium coffee for a full flavor that's sure to please.

Using your Melitta One Decaffeinated Hazelnut Universal coffee pods is so simple, anyone can do it. There is no measuring required because the perfect amount of coffee is in the pod and the perfect amount of water for one cup is specified. There's no guessing involved, just perfect coffee every single time at the push of a button with super easy cleanup.

Order Melitta's Decaf Hazelnut coffee pods today and experience great coffee without the caffeine jolt. If you love this variety you may also enjoy some of the other decaffeinated coffees from Melitta.


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