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Lacas Passion Cafe House Blend Coffee Pods - 18ct

With Lacas Passion Cafe House Blend coffee pods you get the rich flavor of fine Arabica beans.

House Blend Coffee PodsThis coffee is complex yet balanced and has a full-bodied finish with a mild sweetness. It features a fragrant aroma and is perfect on its own or with your preferred coffee additives. Enjoy this delicious coffee any time from morning until night as it suits every occasion.

The coffee pod system is definitely a top innovation in the industry. With your single serve coffee machine you can have a cup of perfectly brewed coffee in about a minute. Making coffee with coffee pods is so easy -- just insert the pod of your choice into the pod holder of your machine. Add water to the machine and press the button. After your coffee is done cleaning up is as easy as throwing the used pod in the nearest trash receptacle.

Order your Lacas House Blend coffee pods today -- you'll be glad you did!


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