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Lacas Passion Cafe French Vanilla Coffee Pods - 18ct

This delectable coffee blends Arabica beans with sweet vanilla for an indulgent experience that is ideal after dinner or even as dessert on its own.

French Vanilla Coffee PodYou'll love the impeccable quality and the balanced flavor of this premium coffee. If you enjoy flavored coffee or want to try it for the first time you simply must order these coffee pods.

Not only is this coffee sweet and delightful, it is also easy to prepare. Just throw a coffee pod into your machine and with the touch of button your coffee will be brewed to perfection. It only takes about one minute for a cup of coffee, so you can quickly prepare more than one cup and change coffee pod varieties with no hassle. When you're ready to clean up just wash your coffee cup and toss out the used pod -- that's all there is to it.

Order your Lacas Passion Cafe French Vanilla coffee pods today and get ready for a true coffeehouse experience at home!


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