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Lacas Passion Cafe Dark Secret Coffee Pods - 18ct

Lovers of Parisian style dark roast coffee are sure to enjoy Lacas Passion Cafe Dark Secret coffee pods.

Dark Secret Coffee PodThis coffee is a blend of Far East and South American beans roasted in the French tradition for deep color, a pleasing aroma and full-bodied flavor.

Whenever you want a cup of this premium Arabica coffee all you have to do is insert a pod into your compatible coffee machine. Add the specified amount of water and press the button, and in about one minute you've got a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with no guesswork and no mess.

Because the coffee pods contain the ideal amount of coffee for one cup, you'll never end up with coffee that's too weak or strong. Of course if you like very strong coffee you can double up on the pods.

For a French cafe experience at home try Lacas Passion Cafe's Dark Secret coffee pods. When placing your order, check out some of the other great coffee varieties available too!


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