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Lacas Passion Cafe 100% Colombian DECAFFEINATED Pods - 18ct

If you enjoy the rich, delicious taste of Colombian coffee but don't want caffeine in your brew, you'll love Lacas Passion Cafe 100% Colombian decaffeinated coffee pods.

Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee PodsThis coffee is a blend of Colombian Supremo with Colombian Excelso that has been decaffeinated using the Taloca method. This method of removing the caffeine results in a decaf coffee that retains the rich flavor of the Colombian Arabica beans intact.

Using coffee pods is so easy thanks to the single serve coffee machine. These pods are compatible with various brewers. You can find all kinds of different machines on the market from top brands like Philips and Black and Decker. To make a perfect cup of coffee just insert the coffee pod and press the button. Your coffee will brew in approximately one minute with no messy wet grounds to dump out.

When you order your Lacas Passion Cafe 100% Colombian Decaffeinated coffee pods take a look at the other varieties from this fine company.


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