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Lacas Passion Cafe Breakfast Blend Coffee Pods - 18ct

Start your day off right with Breakfast Blend coffee pods from Lacas Passion Cafe!

Breakfast Blend Coffee PodsThis coffee is a blend of Cerrado Estate Brazilian and Central American beans. The flavor is slightly sweet and mild with excellent balance and a delightful finish. Although this coffee was developed for breakfast time it is suitable for any time of the day.

Using a coffee pod system is very convenient. Just insert the coffee pod into the pod holder of your single serve coffee machine. Add the specified amount of water and push the button, and in no time you'll have a perfectly prepared cup of your favorite coffee with no mess. There are no drips to clean up and no loose coffee grinds to spill, just a used coffee pod to throw away. You get coffeehouse quality coffee with no hassle, right at home.

So if you want to enjoy great coffee every morning order this Breakfast Blend coffee pod choice by Lacas Passion Cafe!


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