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Home Cafe Coffee Pods - Folgers 100% Colombian 18ct Bag

Colombia is famous for their delicious, high quality coffee. From the fruitful mountains and valleys of this country comes Folgers 100% Colombian coffee.

Home Cafe - Folgers 100% Colombian Coffee PodsEnclosed in perfectly measured pods, this coffee has been expertly roasted for a strong, full-bodied taste and aroma. If by chance you want a stronger cup of coffee you can actually use two pods instead of one. Folgers 100% Colombian coffee pods are for the coffee enthusiast who wants rich flavor in their daily cup.

Using Folgers coffee pods couldn't be easier. Just pour in the specified amount of water into your Black and Decker Home Cafe and insert the coffee pod of your choice. Then with the touch of a button your coffee will brew in about one minute with no drips or spills. Because the ground coffee is enclosed in a pod there are no spilled grinds to clean up.

So don't wait -- place your order for Folgers 100% Colombian coffee pods today so you can experience the delicious rich flavor with no hassle or mess.


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