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Home Cafe Coffee Pods - Folgers Classic Roast 18ct Bag

Folgers Classic Roast is a coffee that suits any occasion from morning until night.

Home Cafe - Folgers Classic RoastThis coffee is roasted to bring out the incredible aroma and can be enjoyed black or with your favorite additives like cream, sugar or Coffeemate for example. No matter how you take it you'll savor the smooth flavor and eye-opening aroma whenever you brew a cup of this high quality coffee.

Using the Home Cafe single serve coffee machine by Black and Decker couldn't be easier. Just pop in a Folgers pod and push the button, and in about one minute you'll have a fresh cup of coffee that's ready to enjoy. Cleaning up is also a breeze, just toss the pod in the trash and rinse your cup. You'll never have to clean up spilled coffee again because the pods keep the coffee enclosed.

Order your Home Cafe Folgers Classic Roast pods today and experience the convenience of brewing perfect coffee by the cup. You may also want to check out some of the other coffee pod varieties available from Folgers.


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