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Home Cafe Coffee Pods - Folgers Classic Roast DECAFFEINATED 16ct Bag

If you want the smooth taste and aroma of Classic Roast without the jolt then Classic Roast Decaffeinated coffee pods are ideal for you.

Home Cafe - Folgers Classic Roast Decaf Coffee PodsSpecially made for use in the Black and Decker Home Cafe coffee pod machine, these pods contain the perfect amount of mountain grown, expertly roasted coffee perfect for any occasion. Even if you drink caffeinated coffee in the morning you might like this decaf variety for later in the day. This coffee is decaffeinated with water and other pure, natural ingredients.

To use these coffee pods just insert one, or two depending on your desired coffee strength, into the coffee pod holder on the machine. Add the specified amount of water, press the button and voila -- in sixty seconds you've got fresh coffee that's ready to enjoy. Cleaning up after making coffee is no sweat. All you need to do is throw out the used pod and wash your cup.

It's never been easier to enjoy delicious fresh coffee -- order your Home Cafe Classic Roast Decaf pods today!


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