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Aloha Island Coffee 100% Pure Estate Kona Coffee Pods - Espresso Roast - 12ct Box

If you love the rich, indulgent taste of espresso then you'll love Aloha Island 100% Pure Estate Kona Coffee Pods in Espresso Roast.

Aloha Island Espresso Roast Coffee PodsThis espresso is low in acid for an indulgence that is easy on the digestion and like Aloha Island coffee varieties is free from pesticides and Certified Kona by the State of Hawaii. This decadently dark espresso has a delicate crema layer for a coffee indulgence perfect with dessert.

Using these espresso coffee pods with your compatible coffee machine is so easy. Just insert the pod into the pod holder and in with the touch of a button your espresso is brewed to perfection in a minute or so. The single serve coffee machine offers convenient preparation and hassle free cleanup because there are no loose grinds to spill. Just throw out the used pod and sit down to enjoy your espresso!

Order your Aloha Island Coffee 100% Pure Estate Kona coffee pods today and take a look at the other varieties available from this fine company.


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