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Aloha Island Coffee 100% Pure Estate Kona Coffee Pods - Dark Roast - 12ct Box

Dark roast coffee lovers are sure to appreciate Dark Roast 100% Pure Estate Kona coffee pods from the Aloha Island Coffee Company.

Aloha Island Dark Roast Coffee PodsThis coffee is estate-grown in the Kona region of Hawaii on Big Island. If you enjoy French Roast style coffee or espresso, you should also like this high quality Kona coffee. Savor the rich taste and pleasing aroma this coffee has to offer with none of the hassle or mess associated with traditional coffee makers.

The single serve coffee machine has revolutionized the industry, making home coffee preparation easier than ever before. With these Kona pods there are no spilled coffee grounds to clean up. Also there is no measuring or guessing when making coffee. Each of these 8 gram coffee pods makes one serving of delectable dark roast Kona coffee.

Cleaning up is easy also -- throw away the pod and you're done. You get delicious coffeehouse style coffee right at home, with no waiting and no hassle.

So don't delay -- order your Aloha Island Dark Roast coffee pods now!


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