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Aloha Island Platinum 100% Kona Coffee Pods - 12ct Box

Aloha Island Platinum coffee pods are made with the finest 100 percent Kona coffee.

Aloha Island Platinum Coffee PodsThese 10 gram pods are perfectly measured for a delicious cup of coffee whenever you want it. The flavor of this roast is gentle and light, with a mild sweetness. If you enjoy an easy to drink coffee with low acidity then this is the variety for you.

Preparing a cup of coffee using these coffee pods couldn't be easier. Simply insert a coffee pod into the pod holder of your single serve coffee machine and press the appropriate button. Because there is no measuring involved and no guesswork, your coffee is perfect every time. It's like bringing the coffeehouse home only without the crowds, long lines or extravagant prices.

Cleaning up after using your coffee pod machine is a breeze as there are no wet coffee grinds to spill, just a pod to toss out and one cup to wash.

Don't wait any longer to bring the taste of Hawaii to your home -- order your Aloha Island Platinum 100% Kona coffee pods today!


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