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Aloha Island Bronze 100% Estate Kona Coffee Pods - 12ct Box

Aloha Island Bronze coffee pods are filled to the brim with100 percent Kona coffee featuring a robust flavor that is smooth on the palate.

This coffee is part of the luxury boutique Magnum Opus line from the Aloha Island Coffee Company. Every variety of Kona coffee including this one can be considered premium, as the Kona coffee growing region of Hawaii produces some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

To make a fresh cup of Kona coffee in about one minute, just place the coffee pod into the holder of your single serve coffee pod machine and press the button. Your coffee will brew immediately with no muss or fuss. Once your cup of coffee is done toss the depleted pod in the trash and you're ready to enjoy. Coffee pods eliminate mess because there is no spillage. Also, they ensure a perfect cup of coffee every time because there is no measuring involved.

When you order your Aloha Island Bronze 100% Kona coffee pods take a look at some of the other varieties available from this fine company.


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