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Coffee Pod Flavors

The majority of flavored coffee pods are compatible with different machines. Machines on the market today include the Philips Senseo, the Black and Decker Home Cafe and the Tassimo Home Brewer to name a few. You'll find a remarkable variety of coffee pod flavors from your favorite brands, including the following:

Aloha Island

The Aloha Island company produces premium 100% Kona coffee, grown on the plantations of Hawaii's Big Island in the Kona region. They offer a wide variety of selection including the following fine choices:

Bronze -- This Kona coffee is robust and smooth

Gold -- Premium quality Kona coffee. Rich, full-bodied and tantalizingly aromatic.

Platinum -- Light roast coffee with superior drinkability

Diamond -- Extremely smooth, with a gentle hint of smokiness

Medium Roast -- Ideal for all occasions, the perfect medium-bodied Kona coffee

Dark Roast -- Robust dark-roast coffee with a strong flavor and aroma

Espresso -- The darkest roast, with bitter smoky notes and a robust flavor

Hazelnut -- Kona coffee blended with delicious hazelnut

Chocolate Macadamia -- The delectable flavor and aroma of pure Kona coffee infused with chocolate and Macadamia nut.

French Vanilla -- Delicious Kona coffee with French vanilla flavor


Who isn't familiar with the Folgers company? This famous coffee company offers the following coffee pod flavor varieties:

Classic Roast -- This medium-bodied coffee is perfect for any occasion and features a tantalizing aroma

Classic Roast Decaffeinated -- The same delicious flavor as original Classic Roast without the jolt of caffeine

French Vanilla -- Lovers of flavored coffee will adore this blend of smooth coffee and creamy vanilla

100% Colombian -- This coffee is smooth, rich and perfect to enjoy any time of the day

Lacas Passion Cafe

Lacas Passion Cafe is a time-honored importer of fine Arabica coffee in a variety of delectable flavors. Some of the coffee pod flavors available include:

100% Colombian Decaffeinated -- All the flavor of rich Colombian coffee with none of the caffeine

Breakfast Blend -- Sweet and mild, this coffee is derived from Central American and Brazilian estate beans

Colombian Supremo -- Well-balanced and full-bodied coffee with a rich aroma

Dark Secret -- A deep, dark blend of French-roasted beans from South America and the Far East

French Vanilla -- Fine Arabica coffee infused with French vanilla sweetness

Hazelnut Creme -- Premium quality coffee mingled with rich hazelnut flavor

House Blend -- This coffee features a layered complexity found in the finest coffeehouses

Kenya AA Estate -- Medium-bodied coffee with a bright flavor and pleasing aroma perfect in the morning


The Melitta company was founded more than a century ago, when a housewife from Dresden Germany named Melitta Benz created the first coffee filtration system. Today this company offers a wide selection of fine quality coffee pods:

Go Hazelnuts -- The perfect coffee for anyone who loves the toasty flavor of hazelnuts

French Kisses -- Arabica coffee blended with vanilla beans and a hint of caramel

Buzzworthy -- Dark-roast South and Central American coffee beans impart a full, smoky flavor

Skip the Buzz Decaffeinated -- Colombian coffee with rich flavor without the caffeine rush

A Cafe Kind of Day -- 100% Colombian coffee with a smooth flavor and aroma perfect for any time of the day or evening

Love at First Sip -- This coffee is perfect at breakfast thanks to the vibrant, smooth roasted blend of beans

Kona -- Smooth yet exotic coffee from the tropical region of Hawaii renowned for its superior growing conditions

Pumpkin Spice -- Delicious coffee with sweet autumn spices, ideal with or even for dessert

Southern Pecan Pie -- Premium coffee infused with the flavors of cinnamon, pecans and maple brown sugar

Breakfast Blend -- Light roast with a mild, sweet finish perfect for the morning hours

Parisian Cafe -- Dark and smoky, this coffee is full-flavored and French roasted

Creme Brulee -- Decadent vanilla and caramel blended with dark-roast coffee

Decaffeinated Hazelnut -- No caffeine, just toasty hazelnut with rich Arabica coffee

Vanilla Haze -- Smooth coffee blended with creamy vanilla and a touch of hazelnut


You'll find Millstone coffees in homes and offices everywhere. These coffee pods are ideal for use with the Black and Decker Home Cafe as well as other single serve coffee pod machines and are available in the following flavors:

Colombian Supremo -- Handpicked Colombian beans are roasted to perfection for a rich, medium-bodied coffee that's sure to please

French Roast -- This robust coffee has a semi-sweet flavor with smoky overtones

Hazelnut Cream -- Premium Arabica beans blended with hazelnut for toasty flavor


With the Philips Senseo coffee machine you can have a premium cup of delicious coffee in about one minute. Senseo offers a wide variety of coffee pod flavors so you're sure to find your favorite. Selections include but are not limited to:

Brazil Blend -- This full-bodied coffee is harvested from the coffee mecca of Sul de Minas

Cappuccino -- Rich coffee roasted by the experts at Douwe Egberts featuring a layer of frothy foam

Colombia Blend -- Fine Colombian coffee with a rich aroma and smooth flavor

Dark Roast -- Strong, robust, full-bodied Arabica coffee roasted to perfection

Decaffeinated Roast -- Medium-roast coffee without any caffeine for flavor without the buzz

Kenya Blend -- This coffee is harvested from Kenya and features a soft flavor with a slight hint of fruity sweetness

Medium Roast -- Ideal for any occasion, Medium Roast is delicious with your favorite coffee additives or own its own

Paris: French Vanilla -- Mild coffee infused with vanilla and caramel perfect for dessert

Sumatra Blend -- Intense and bold, this blend is ideal for those who enjoy full-bodied coffee

Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz -- Premium coffee infused with notes of chocolate and hazelnut

Espresso -- Robust coffee with strong flavor and a light crema layer


With the Tassimo Home Brewer you can create a variety of delicious coffeehouse drinks in seconds right at home. There are a wide variety of coffee pods, also known as T-discs, made for Tassimo brand machines:

Gevalia Signature Blend -- Dark yet only slightly bitter, this coffee is robust and full-bodied

Gevalia Signature Blend Decaffeinated -- The same full-bodied flavor and aroma as original Signature Blend minus the caffeine.

Gevalia Morning Roast -- Dark roast coffee in a 12 ounce serving

Gevalia Swiss Hazelnut -- Hazelnut and vanilla blended with premium Arabica coffee

Gevalia Signature Crema -- You get the delicious flavor of Signature blend with a light layer of delicate crema

Gevalia Espresso -- Dark roast espresso with a smoky bitter flavor and robust aroma

Gevalia Cappuccino -- Espresso and milk blend together perfectly for a frothy, foamy cappuccino worthy of the best coffeehouse

Gevalia Latte -- If you love latte from the coffeehouse you're sure to enjoy this variety of espresso with milk

Starbucks House Blend -- You don't have to leave the house for delicious Starbucks coffee thanks to these coffee pods. This coffee is clean, well-balanced with medium-bodied flavor.

Starbucks Caffe Verona -- Dark roasted coffee blended with a mix of Asia/Pacific and Latin American coffee beans for complexity and sweetness

Starbucks Africa Kitamu -- This East African coffee features gentle floral and exotic citrus notes for a sophisticated flavor and aroma

Timothy's Coffee

Timothy's Coffees of the World is a socially responsible company with more than 30 years experience roasting fine coffee. They offer a delicious selection of premium coffee pod flavors such as:

Colombian Dorado -- This well-balanced Colombian coffee has a hint of sweetness perfect for any occasion

Breakfast Blend -- Smooth and easy to drink, Breakfast Blend is the perfect way to start your day

Italian Blend -- Mild dark roasted coffee sure to please the discerning palate

Rainforest Espresso -- Full-bodied espresso with robust flavor and aroma

Hazelnut -- The toasty flavor of hazelnut and vanilla cream intermingle with fine coffee

Decaffeinated Colombian -- The rich flavor and aroma of Colombian coffee minus the caffeine

Parisian Nights -- Bold, dark, full-bodied coffee reminiscent of a French cafe

Kona -- Authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee with hints of fruit and chocolate

French Vanilla -- Medium-bodied coffee with vanilla makes the ideal after dinner treat

Wolfgang Puck

If you enjoy coffee found in the finest restaurants then you should definitely try Wolfgang Puck's line of premium coffee pods. This master chef has brought his culinary expertise to the world of coffee with the following flavors available:

Provence -- This dark French roast is rich and robust with a hint of spicy flavor

Reserve House -- Notes of chocolate highlight the chef's own special blend of medium-dark roasted coffee

Reserve House Decaffeinated -- The same great blend of fine coffee minus the caffeine

Sorrento -- Grown on a co-op in the highlands of Tolina, this coffee is medium-dark with a semi-sweet taste and pleasing aroma

Vienna -- European style roast coffee with a hint of toasted nut flavor

Rodeo Drive -- This coffee is smooth and classic, ideal for any time of day

Toscana -- Coffee beans from Ethiopia and Central America are blended for a mild, light-roast brew

Toscana Decaffeinated -- The same mild drinkability as original Toscana without caffeine

French Vanilla -- Enjoy sweet vanilla and premium coffee for dessert or any time of the day

French Vanilla Decaffeinated -- A decaf version of Wolfgang Puck's delicious French Vanilla coffee

Caramel Creme -- The delightful flavor of rich, sweet caramel intermingled with smooth coffee

Hawaiian Hazelnut -- This flavorful coffee is rich with the taste of tropical hazelnut

Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaffeinated -- Delicious coffee with hazelnut sans the caffeine jolt

Fair Trade Colombian Organic -- Rich, smooth coffee for the socially and environmentally aware, expertly handpicked and grown without chemicals or pesticides

As shown above, there are a wide variety of delicious coffee pod flavors available from your favorite brands. Order today and prepare for a coffeehouse style experience, right in the comfort of your home. With coffee pods it's easy to change your coffee flavor as often as you like and provide friends and family with a variety of delicious coffee selections.